Friday, February 15, 2008

How to earn while you surf?

Finally a new post!

....sorry, I've just been busy with... well you know, stuff. I know i should post more but blogging isn't really the #1 of things to do on my list. First comes my social life and parties, then my education, then comes surfing and blogging. And since i have a math exam in 3 days and the #1 thing on my To Do list was keeping me busy i have to study loads now.

But, back to the post, ok so I'm gonna talk about sites and programs that earn you cash while you do other stuff on the net (like writing this post).

These fit into one of these categories:
-auto/manual surfing
-surfbar surfing

1. Auto and manual surfing.
Since manual surfing is useless because you have to watch that window, I'm gonna talk more about Autosurfing.
+ Easy money while you do other stuff
+ A wide selection of such sites
- Scam sites
- The site can "run out of money" just before payout
- Slow

Well this is as simple as it gets for money making, it's slow and boring, but requires No Skill at all. is the site I currently use, but you can get loads more if you want.
The only problem is that it's hard to find the good ones out there. This one for instance gives you cash and credits while you surf and you can withdraw your cash to your paypal account. Usually these sites don't last for too long, they either run out of cash or go inactive or whatever. Also usually these sites only offer you credits while you surf which you can only spend by using them to get traffic to your site. But who would want traffic like that, no one actually sees the sites they surf. And also, there are scams involved where you surf your ass off then you don't get paid and sometimes you even get banned.

It's full of risks and downfalls but on the other hand, you get easy cash for doing nothing, you just open a tab and let it run.

2. Surfbar surfing.
This is very rare and if you happen to find a site like that the pay is usually super low, lower than the autosurf sites and slower, way slower. Another downfall is that you have to install it on your computer and nothing can stop them from putting a trojan inside that steals your passwords and info. A good example was, they promised a share of the company for surfing with their surfbar, everyone was very excited about it, but nothing actually happened until all the members got a mail that they aren't gonna work on agloco as it's more or less dead. Epic Fail.

So this really isn't an option I'd recommend but you can give it a try if you want.