Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things to do in 2008!!

Well it seems I'm a very impulsive and moody person, I was too lazy to write anything here for the past two or three weeks, but now I'm posting three posts almost all at once hehe.

So since it's almost time to make the jump to the year 2008 (which is supposed to be a very good year for me according to the horoscope?), I'll write what i plan on doing.

Well i decided to focus on my personal life for a while, I'm gonna try to get fit, not that I'm a fat nerd hiding in a basement, but i could loose a few pounds.
Not that you care about my personal life lol.
I'm gonna limit myself to things that regard my net life:

**Get another blog started (probably about gaming (yeah I'm also a gamer...and a coder...and a net junkie (someone needs a life lol(wow thats a lot of brackets))))
**focus more on learning and developing new skills
**gain more publicity and cash
**post more posts :D
**get drunk on the next new year's eve as well haha (am i drunk now? who knows)

i especially look forward to the last one :D

see ya next year

What am i doing?

I won't keep any secrets from you, I won't just post my earnings for every moth then just post random stuff, I'll tell you exactly where i got any cash, how many impressions were needed, where i got readers and well basically every step from the bottom up. This isn't just a blog, this is D4rksorrow's blog! :)

So what did i do to promote this blog and how i get cash?
You see all of those icons here on the right, I'll explain what these all are.

Fist of course is the RSS button... WTF it's huge! Yea i know, it's sexy.
Then you see the readers, yea the number is still low, but I'm trying my best to push it higher. Well then there's the subscription by mail button and the "Do follow" mark. I removed no follow, well I'm not 100% sure it worked, but i don't care that much either.
Then there's Adsense, nothing special, every blog should have one.
Well now we come to those pretty buttons, click them, all of them, then the adsense thingy, I'm thankful if you really did that :)
We'll those buttons are just to help promote my blog, each of these sites has a backlink to me and if you click the buttons you also bookmark me and stuff like that. I should get more of that by the way...
Well then of course is the hit counter and just below that is the entrecard button, I'll explain it better later...
Then it's a widget from widgetbucks, this is the only widget i got a registered click for, that's just awful, the very low click rate from widgetbucks is very disapointing. Then it's the bidversiter ads... wow i have all the big ad companies in my blog, i wonder where the most cash will come, this may be interesting.
Then it's a link to cloudie's blog, she's a very good person, she got me into this whole blogging world :) . The next thing to see is the recent readers window, there seems to be quite a few people coming to my blog, too bad i don't get much comments tho.

PageRank 3/3 Profit!

Well since we don't want to get our page rank up high to boast about it in front of girls, we're now gonna find out how to make it into profit....

Naturally you want your site to be on the first page of a search engine, if someone is looking for lets say a laptop, it's very likely he will buy it from one of the sellers on the first page right?
If you're not on the first page of google or yahoo or something, it's almost the same as you weren't even here.
It's been researched that most of the clicks are made on the first page, only a few go to the second page and only true masochists search on the 4th, 5th etc. page.

So how to get on the first page of the results? It's not that simple, far from it, well unless you want to get to the first page for a word that only has like 10 results...
Theres a whole bunch of things that influence on which site will pop up in the top, but for now lets focus on PageRank.

Well we probably don't have a pagerank that good, so if our pagerank is at least 3 or 4, then we can sell links! You can sell links from your page on a page which desperately needs your vote...
And so you don't need to go through all the trouble of looking for people that would pay for that, you have text link ads. You can simply register your site and when a buyer comes along, the link goes on your site and you get cash. It also works the other way around, you can buy links to promote your site. You can't exactly get rich with this, but anything is good, right?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm SICK !!!

I'm sick :(
I have a really bad fever, at first i was pretty ok and was actually looking forward to a day or two off, but then it went worse so i was lying in bed for the last two days :(
I couldn't even sit at the computer, I had no energy at all I was just lying in bed, sleeping or watching TV...
I'm a little better now and tomorrow I'll post the final part of the PageRank guide, but for now i'll go back to bed.
See ya tomorrow!


UPDATE: It's a lot worse than i thought, my fever keeps jumping up and down, I can't sleep, I had headaches, I even vomited yesterday.... :'(
I thought it would be over pretty quick, but I still can't move around without felling like crap. So I can't say when I'll be better. But I'll make it up to you and write some cool posts :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

First step is always the hardest.

If you have blog or a website, you know what i'm talking about.
You see all those people that are making thousands of dollars a month, you want to be just like them. Many people fail this step because they don't have enough determination. I won't, don't worry (talking to the 3 or 4 people that actually read this blog).
Well like i said, first step is always the hardest. Unless you know people in high places, you probably won't get a lot visitors. But for us newbies in this area, we start at the bottom, the total zero. I know, I know, It may be too soon to talk about how hard it is to manage a blog, this blog has been up only for a few days now and I probably just need to give the blog some more time. I'm also working pretty hard to get some visitors.

To get back on topic: Starting with nothing is pretty hard, you register at a blog site, you fill out all the info and you get your own site to share your thoughts with the world. Now, you go to your site, it's obviously totally empty, you can even see balls of hay rolling around lol. What to do......

I guess the best thing to do is just writing posts and hoping for the best. Thats what i did and since i don't really have any fear of running out of things to talk about, i made quite a few posts in the last few days. I know you loyal readers are all waiting for the PageRank 3/3 post, but it won't be coming that soon (sucks to be you xD ). I kinda wanted to annoy people a little and fill them with anticipation...haha I'm evil...But to get people which i can fill with anticipation, that's a whole different story.

In the end, I can say my blog is pretty cool, I guess i just have to be a little patient and I'll get more readers sooner or later. Also please comment to see you're out there :D

~with love, d4rk

Friday, December 7, 2007

Passive money making with Shareapic - highly recommended.

A very friendly site similar to photobucket, the only difference is that this site pay cash. Yea you heard it, you get paid for doing the same thing you would do with any other site for uploading images. You upload images and you get some money for every click on any of your images. As you can see it's very simple. It's true, the payment isn't very good, but even a small payment is better than no payment at all isn't it? ;)

You just upload your pics and share them on forums or your own blogs. When you link them, it's done. Once it's on the forum, it will most likely stay and your clicks will continue to grow with each user that reads that topic, people come and go, but the topic stays always up there waiting for the next new user. Also, you can send a pic to your friend and ask him to click through your gallery, it's effective but it's not the one to consider for long term income.

PageRank part 2/3. Hunt for hits!

Ok, let's say i've just put up a blog, which i did, and i want to have a high ranked site now. How to get loads of votes without working hard? How to make other people put your link on their site?

  1. I make something, upload a video, and article or a pic, that someone sees as worthy to talk about in their site and put a link there. Well that's how it's supposed to work...
  2. Begging for links: well some people just mail admins/bloggers and alike to put a link on their site. You can then offer to put up a link to their site on your own. It's hard manual work so other alternatives have come up:
  3. Commenting on articles and writing on forums. It's supposed to be a gold mine for bloggers, you go on a blog site and write something like "wow, really interesting, also check out my blog: *link goes here*”. Then you don't even read the posts, you just put in a random comment. Then after a while, you don't even write anything, you just paste your link. In the end you get a bot that comments on hundreds of pages daily, spamming your link everywhere.

But that's cheating isn't it? Yea it is, that's why there is logging in required and those annoying images with letters and numbers you have to re-write.


Google counts votes for pages by going on every link they find on a site and writes it in it's memory. BUT google memorizes all links except the one that have rel="nofollow" written in them. The link still works, but google won't count it as a vote, so now more and more blogs have rel="nofollow" added to every link in the comments. Sucks, doesn't it?

Well now it's clear that there's a big race for page ranks on the net, but how to make use of it, will be answered in the next part.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

PageRank part 1/3.

What is a PageRank? A PageRank is basically a indicator of your pages popularity. Every page can "vote" for another page by putting the link to that page, on the site. But to make sure that the whole thing isn't a democracy, some votes are worth more and some less and that every page can post more links.

Worth more:

  • votes from pages with a higher PageRank.
  • votes from sites that don't contain a lot of links (didn't vote for other sites).

So the less worth are:

  • Votes from sites that have a low PageRank (what a surprise).
  • Votes from pages with lots of links and therefore votes.

PageRank is calculated by a rather complicated formula, but i won't really go into this. The main thing about it is that the PageRank from the site that votes, goes to every link on the site that is being linked to the page beaing voted for. That was a complicated sentence, lol. So if you post a link to some other blog, that blog would get a share of points and also would all the links on that blog. Now it also makes sense why votes from a high ranked page and votes from a page with very few links is worth more.

The result? The calculation from the page ranks is shown as a number from 0 to 10. 10 means a total domination on the web, like google and sites alike. (woops i just voted for google :D )
but PageRank 0 means that:

  • the web page is hidden under a rock from Mars.
  • is so new that it hasn't shown in any PageRank updates

You can check your PageRank on This blog is just a day old at the minute so it's PageRank 0. :P

You can check the number of votes for your site here:

For instance:

  • has 165,624,636 votes

  • has 198.321.616 votes

  • This blog however has 0 votes for now :P

Of course this vote counting isn't totally accurate as there are some variables, but you get the picture. Even more important than the number of votes is how much is a vote worth. 1 vote from a PageRank 7 is worth more than dozens of PageRank 1 votes.

I'll tell you how to get and how you can profit with a high PageRank in the next two parts.

Widget bucks?!?

EDIT: I no longer support Widgetbucks
Well as you can see, I just got some widgets from Widget bucks!

You probably heard about that site, but I'm gonna describe it anyway.
Basically it's like all the other ad sites out there, but what is the thing that makes it special? Why is it standing out?
1. The average pay per click you get is about 0.25$.
2. You get 25$ free on singup.
Yea, you really do! BUT you can only cashout at 50$, so to actually get the free 25$ you have to get another 25$. Well it's a good deal one way or another.
3. It looks cool.
Yea it really does, compared to other ads from similar sites.

A few other pluses:
You can change the widgets color, shape and size. From tall narrow ones like the one on the right, to wide and short and to a perfect square.
You can automatically add it to your blog. When you see the "get code" window there are buttons above which add the code to the right spot on your blog. Hurray simplicity!
But there is a downside:
Low click rate per impression, I've seen people with 100,000 impressions and only about 30 clicks.

!! I will continue testing it on this page to see the real deal. If you see anything that interests you, don't hesitate to click for info. !!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First thing first!

Welcome to my blog!
Well i guess since this is my first entry i should tell you all, what I'm gonna write about here.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about this blog, what i expect from it and what is more important to me.

I'm basically gonna talk about how to make cash online, describe some money making sites, well basically how you get those first few $ in your paypal account.
I will try to keep the posts short, but with a lot of information.