Monday, May 23, 2011

Making money with Facebook

As the first provider in the world FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page. After the successful registration, you can click through the pages of the FanSlave network. If you like the page, you get FanSlave credits for your efforts, which you can cash out after reaching the minimum payout of €15.

It's pretty simple, you can also make a fake account and add some people, join the pages available and get some easy cash. Feel free to check it out. I haven't reached payment yet, but i have a screen of someone who has:

Please register through my ref link, I'll be forever grateful:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Offtopic: Osama died :O

Osama Bin Laden March 10, 1957 – May 2, 2011 Goodnight Sweet Prince

So i guess we all heard the big news. Yea Osama Bin Hidin' died. I'm not really a supporter of killing, but this guy had it coming. It won't bring the victims of 9/11 back, but I guess this is as good as it gets.
Even though I'm an atheist, he deserves an eternity in hell. (And he thought he would get 72 virgins.. Lol).

Anyways, I guess now we just have to see what his death means, will it bring peace and stop these stupid wars, or will it just provoke more killing. Personally I think it won't change much. He's just one guy.. I mean, yes, he's the supposed leader of Al-qaida, but as any organisation he has his lackeys to take over his job. This just leaves roughly a few hundred thousand terrorists all over the world, waiting to kill in the name of their god.
I guess that's why I'm an atheist, religion just provokes war.. (or was it the oil that actually started it all, I honestly couldn't say, basically it's one of the above, pick one).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well i got something new for you, VideoBB. It's a site where you can upload videos and make cash from people who view it. It's payrate is kinda low, you get around 1-30$ for every 10,000 views. It's also relevant to which country the viewer is from. You get the most from the US, UK and Canada of course, and it gets lower and lower for smaller and less profitable countries. I don't really like this system because apparently my country falls in the D category (the least profitable), but it's just bussiness, honestly I completely understand the differend pay-rates, but more about that some other time.
So like I said, you get cash per 10k views, which is quite low for some random video you post, but if you look at some youtube videos with like 10 million views, you can see the possible revenue from this. You could get 300$ from just 1 video with a million views, you also get the same with 10 videos with 100k views etc. I have seen quite a lot of videobb videos on "watch (insert series name) online" sites and I can see how they can get a ton of cash with just videos.

Well anyway here is the button to my referral, please use this to register because then you help me and this blog, without losing anything yourself. Be a teamplayer.

Also I decided to upload a video you can watch to demonstrate how things look and to get some views. Have fun!

Yea it's Half-life, nostalgia mode on.

Hello world.

I just completely changed the blog around. Removed a lot of stupid buttons for subscriptions and stuff. Went almost completely minimal, just a couple of google ads and some small perks. I found most of the sites that offer cash for clicks are completely fake and plan to "milk" everyone then bail. For instance Bidversiter is completely gone, along with some decent $ I had there. I kinda learned not to trust anyone on the internet because 90% of the people are just looking to scam you. I trust only google now, it's such a big corporation that there's no chance it will fall apart and of course they can't just cheat people for their cash. Especially me, since I'm a nobody in their eyes. A few dollars here and there spent on me, while they make billions. I feel kinda safe like this, like a drop in the ocean, I bother noone and noone bothers me.
Well at least until i make it big, but that's another story.

To sum it up, I'm back in the blogosphere and with fresh enthusiasm and some new views on life.
See ya.