Friday, January 25, 2008

I registered for blogsvertise a few weeks ago and still didn't get approved, so I asked a friend, when she got approved, how long did she wait after she registered. She said it took a day or so.
So just before I mailed the admins about my problem, i checked their mail i got after registering. It said I had to write a description about their site before i get approved. Oh my god, how the hell did i miss that?? what in the world was I thinking??
I have no idea....
But anyway, without further ado, the blogsvertise description:

Sow what is
It's basically a paid-to-blog site. Paid to blog sites are sites that pay you to write a review or description of the advertisers site. I've been to quite a lot of these sites but i got rejected by every single one of them. Odd? Not really, my blog is pretty new and doesn't really have a lot of traffic. Usually i get messages like "PageRank too low" or "Your blog has to be at least 90 days old".
This site is different, they are much more friendly to new blogs. If you don't get approved you go on probation. You can still write posts and make money, but you don't get paid as good as the blogs that got accepted. Blogs on probation get tasks that get rejected by other members and they get 2$ per task, while approved members get from 4$ up. It's not really much but it's something!

Other stuff you may wanna know:
You have to post a do-follow link to the site you are reviewing.
You need to write at least 75 words with 2-3 paragraphs.
You get paid in one month after the post has been posted.

So if you're a new blogger this may be your only chance. I really like the attitude to new bloggers. Blogs should be judged by their content not by their age.


MOBS said...

I have joined in Blogsvertise, but they are offering to review the site which is not relevant to my site. do you have the advise for that kind of issue...? thanks

April said...

Blogsvertise used to have a lot of jobs, but I haven't found one there for months. I have several blogs registered with them. I don't understand what's going on with the paid to blog places.