Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The middle finger at widgetbucks!!!!

EDIT: I actually spent an hour and a half writing this =O

So what's wrong with widget bucks?

1st thing:
I had 3 of the big advertising companies on my blog: Adsense, Bidversiter and Widgetbucks (WB). I've been collecting impressions/clicks from them and since WB was the first and only ad i had for a long time, it would be logical that it should make the most money... right? NO.
I got more cash from bidversiter and adsense in a week or two than in the two months I've had WB here. I was very confident that WB would work, but it has let me down completely!
Current results:

impressions | clicks | income
Adsense | 191 | 3 | $0.23 | Proof #1
Bidversiter | 909 | 6 | $1.83 | Proof #2
Widgetbucks | 1057 | 1!! | $0.53 | Proof #3

Please note that i had widgetbucks for the longest (since the start), but Bidversiter has been here only for about two weeks.
Also I would love to use adsense, but they only pay by check and thats a big downfall, so i don't use it (not that i could ever get to 100$ anyway).


2nd thing:
They lag!!! People won't sit around and wait for your page to load, unless the really wanna read something. For instance, Entrecard people who are dropping cards, if your site needs more than 5 seconds to fully load, then they'll probably just skip it and go to the next one. Not the much of a problem, but it's another downfall nonetheless.


3rd thing:
There are three things i hate the most on the web. Lag, spam and those f*cking bit*ching ads that say something like "THIS IS NOT A JOKE. YOU ARE THE 999,999TH VISITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click here to claim" and flash all over the place, sometimes red an jumping around, sometimes flashing, some say stuff like "you got new mail, click here to read" or "get an american green card for free, click here to enter"

Why is this relevant to the topic?
Widgetbucks = those ads
It seems that if you're not from the USA or Canada, the thing you see is that flashy red thing that wants you to click it, cuz "you won the prize"
I had no idea it was like that, until i went on my friends blog, where i saw it... At first I was like "OMG why would you have an ad like that?!?". But she had no idea what I was talking about, she only saw the widget as it should be.

I'm serious, this isn't a joke, I was shocked myself.
My friends site
another one from there

Now this is gonna be FUNNY
On the widget bucks blog, there is an ad and it says "Widgetbucks example" and below it, chances are you're gonna see one of those ads (unless you're from usa/canada):
I guess thats the geographical targeted advertising, they talked about? The 999,999 visitors and bullcrap like that?


Last thing:
A new post on their blog says that basically, as of today, NEW MEMBERS won't get the 25$ bonus, only 5% refferal bonus instead of 10% and no more check cashouts, paypal only.
Everyone already registered, won't be affected, but new members will.
(read here)

!!!From now on, this blog doesn't support widgetbucks anymore. *deletes all widgets*!!!


lankapo said...

I already kick widgetbuck last year, so slow. Even though they give that invisible usd25, but u only can cash out at 50. Which is hard even to reach 5o cent after 3 months

I use Nuffnang and Adsense now

Shireishou said...

My friends suggest Widgetbucs and I sign up inder him yesterday. reading Ur artcile make me think twice to put it at my personal blog. Beside I see that the widget need long time to load. T__T
Btw nice to meet U. i found Ur site from Entrecard

D4rksorrow said...

:D I'm happy I'm getting some quality traffic from Entercard.

Also, if you signed up yesterday it mean you're one of those who won't get the 25$ sign up bonus and your referrals will only give you 5%...

I'd sing up to Bidversiter, if you haven't already, here

WhiteCloud said...

Excuses me..but...
I'm a SHE!

You kept saying "he" in your post and I know you were talking about my blog and excuse me but I'M A GIRL AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW! :P

I've only had 2 clicks on WB so far but I earned 1.5$ on it ^^. That's about .75$ per click. On bidvertiser I would only get .20$ per click at most :(

Not many people click on my blog :( even though I have great content..*sigh* I need to go advertise some more

*goes off to get 20 "friends" on social networking sites*

D4rksorrow said...

wooops my bad.....
I know you're a She :P

i was just typing kinda fast and didn't really think everything through? lol

*edits the post*
Congrats cloudy, you are now a She!

WhiteCloud said...

BTW. I found a program that pays you for sponsored posting (and as long as you have an active blog and write a well thought out post, they'll accept you).
They don't have age, rank, or traffic requirements.
and they do pay (I was paid yesterday).
If you're interested, otcw mail me?

Shindou said...

Wow, thanks for that experience, I will avoid those jerks now.