Friday, December 7, 2007

Passive money making with Shareapic - highly recommended.

A very friendly site similar to photobucket, the only difference is that this site pay cash. Yea you heard it, you get paid for doing the same thing you would do with any other site for uploading images. You upload images and you get some money for every click on any of your images. As you can see it's very simple. It's true, the payment isn't very good, but even a small payment is better than no payment at all isn't it? ;)

You just upload your pics and share them on forums or your own blogs. When you link them, it's done. Once it's on the forum, it will most likely stay and your clicks will continue to grow with each user that reads that topic, people come and go, but the topic stays always up there waiting for the next new user. Also, you can send a pic to your friend and ask him to click through your gallery, it's effective but it's not the one to consider for long term income.

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