Saturday, December 8, 2007

First step is always the hardest.

If you have blog or a website, you know what i'm talking about.
You see all those people that are making thousands of dollars a month, you want to be just like them. Many people fail this step because they don't have enough determination. I won't, don't worry (talking to the 3 or 4 people that actually read this blog).
Well like i said, first step is always the hardest. Unless you know people in high places, you probably won't get a lot visitors. But for us newbies in this area, we start at the bottom, the total zero. I know, I know, It may be too soon to talk about how hard it is to manage a blog, this blog has been up only for a few days now and I probably just need to give the blog some more time. I'm also working pretty hard to get some visitors.

To get back on topic: Starting with nothing is pretty hard, you register at a blog site, you fill out all the info and you get your own site to share your thoughts with the world. Now, you go to your site, it's obviously totally empty, you can even see balls of hay rolling around lol. What to do......

I guess the best thing to do is just writing posts and hoping for the best. Thats what i did and since i don't really have any fear of running out of things to talk about, i made quite a few posts in the last few days. I know you loyal readers are all waiting for the PageRank 3/3 post, but it won't be coming that soon (sucks to be you xD ). I kinda wanted to annoy people a little and fill them with anticipation...haha I'm evil...But to get people which i can fill with anticipation, that's a whole different story.

In the end, I can say my blog is pretty cool, I guess i just have to be a little patient and I'll get more readers sooner or later. Also please comment to see you're out there :D

~with love, d4rk


WhiteCloud1989 said...

I'm out here!
Btw, nice shareapic post (I wonder where you got THAT idea :D *points to herself*)

D4rksorrow said...

Thats nice to hear, cloudy, my favorite reader :P