Thursday, December 6, 2007

Widget bucks?!?

EDIT: I no longer support Widgetbucks
Well as you can see, I just got some widgets from Widget bucks!

You probably heard about that site, but I'm gonna describe it anyway.
Basically it's like all the other ad sites out there, but what is the thing that makes it special? Why is it standing out?
1. The average pay per click you get is about 0.25$.
2. You get 25$ free on singup.
Yea, you really do! BUT you can only cashout at 50$, so to actually get the free 25$ you have to get another 25$. Well it's a good deal one way or another.
3. It looks cool.
Yea it really does, compared to other ads from similar sites.

A few other pluses:
You can change the widgets color, shape and size. From tall narrow ones like the one on the right, to wide and short and to a perfect square.
You can automatically add it to your blog. When you see the "get code" window there are buttons above which add the code to the right spot on your blog. Hurray simplicity!
But there is a downside:
Low click rate per impression, I've seen people with 100,000 impressions and only about 30 clicks.

!! I will continue testing it on this page to see the real deal. If you see anything that interests you, don't hesitate to click for info. !!

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