Sunday, December 30, 2007

What am i doing?

I won't keep any secrets from you, I won't just post my earnings for every moth then just post random stuff, I'll tell you exactly where i got any cash, how many impressions were needed, where i got readers and well basically every step from the bottom up. This isn't just a blog, this is D4rksorrow's blog! :)

So what did i do to promote this blog and how i get cash?
You see all of those icons here on the right, I'll explain what these all are.

Fist of course is the RSS button... WTF it's huge! Yea i know, it's sexy.
Then you see the readers, yea the number is still low, but I'm trying my best to push it higher. Well then there's the subscription by mail button and the "Do follow" mark. I removed no follow, well I'm not 100% sure it worked, but i don't care that much either.
Then there's Adsense, nothing special, every blog should have one.
Well now we come to those pretty buttons, click them, all of them, then the adsense thingy, I'm thankful if you really did that :)
We'll those buttons are just to help promote my blog, each of these sites has a backlink to me and if you click the buttons you also bookmark me and stuff like that. I should get more of that by the way...
Well then of course is the hit counter and just below that is the entrecard button, I'll explain it better later...
Then it's a widget from widgetbucks, this is the only widget i got a registered click for, that's just awful, the very low click rate from widgetbucks is very disapointing. Then it's the bidversiter ads... wow i have all the big ad companies in my blog, i wonder where the most cash will come, this may be interesting.
Then it's a link to cloudie's blog, she's a very good person, she got me into this whole blogging world :) . The next thing to see is the recent readers window, there seems to be quite a few people coming to my blog, too bad i don't get much comments tho.

1 comment:

WhiteCloud1989 said...

wow. You weren't talking and then BAM. New posts!

Good thing you went to my blog (or someone) and then I saw it through feedburner or I'd have never noticed. (I though you'd quit).

Btw, I combined 3 of my blogs into one.
(ps. I'm also putting the link there in order to test your dofollow since you're not sure if you properly took it out)