Thursday, December 6, 2007

PageRank part 1/3.

What is a PageRank? A PageRank is basically a indicator of your pages popularity. Every page can "vote" for another page by putting the link to that page, on the site. But to make sure that the whole thing isn't a democracy, some votes are worth more and some less and that every page can post more links.

Worth more:

  • votes from pages with a higher PageRank.
  • votes from sites that don't contain a lot of links (didn't vote for other sites).

So the less worth are:

  • Votes from sites that have a low PageRank (what a surprise).
  • Votes from pages with lots of links and therefore votes.

PageRank is calculated by a rather complicated formula, but i won't really go into this. The main thing about it is that the PageRank from the site that votes, goes to every link on the site that is being linked to the page beaing voted for. That was a complicated sentence, lol. So if you post a link to some other blog, that blog would get a share of points and also would all the links on that blog. Now it also makes sense why votes from a high ranked page and votes from a page with very few links is worth more.

The result? The calculation from the page ranks is shown as a number from 0 to 10. 10 means a total domination on the web, like google and sites alike. (woops i just voted for google :D )
but PageRank 0 means that:

  • the web page is hidden under a rock from Mars.
  • is so new that it hasn't shown in any PageRank updates

You can check your PageRank on This blog is just a day old at the minute so it's PageRank 0. :P

You can check the number of votes for your site here:

For instance:

  • has 165,624,636 votes

  • has 198.321.616 votes

  • This blog however has 0 votes for now :P

Of course this vote counting isn't totally accurate as there are some variables, but you get the picture. Even more important than the number of votes is how much is a vote worth. 1 vote from a PageRank 7 is worth more than dozens of PageRank 1 votes.

I'll tell you how to get and how you can profit with a high PageRank in the next two parts.


WhiteCloud1989 said...

Rank 0 for me as well <3 Noobs in arms!

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