Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm SICK !!!

I'm sick :(
I have a really bad fever, at first i was pretty ok and was actually looking forward to a day or two off, but then it went worse so i was lying in bed for the last two days :(
I couldn't even sit at the computer, I had no energy at all I was just lying in bed, sleeping or watching TV...
I'm a little better now and tomorrow I'll post the final part of the PageRank guide, but for now i'll go back to bed.
See ya tomorrow!


UPDATE: It's a lot worse than i thought, my fever keeps jumping up and down, I can't sleep, I had headaches, I even vomited yesterday.... :'(
I thought it would be over pretty quick, but I still can't move around without felling like crap. So I can't say when I'll be better. But I'll make it up to you and write some cool posts :)

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WhiteCloud1989 said...

hope you feel better :(
btw, I see you have "readers" and considering how they went down I'm going to guess these were rss subscription.
I added your rss to myyahoo :) so you have 1 extra reader that isn't going away. (as long as I remember to access your site from it)