Friday, December 7, 2007

PageRank part 2/3. Hunt for hits!

Ok, let's say i've just put up a blog, which i did, and i want to have a high ranked site now. How to get loads of votes without working hard? How to make other people put your link on their site?

  1. I make something, upload a video, and article or a pic, that someone sees as worthy to talk about in their site and put a link there. Well that's how it's supposed to work...
  2. Begging for links: well some people just mail admins/bloggers and alike to put a link on their site. You can then offer to put up a link to their site on your own. It's hard manual work so other alternatives have come up:
  3. Commenting on articles and writing on forums. It's supposed to be a gold mine for bloggers, you go on a blog site and write something like "wow, really interesting, also check out my blog: *link goes here*”. Then you don't even read the posts, you just put in a random comment. Then after a while, you don't even write anything, you just paste your link. In the end you get a bot that comments on hundreds of pages daily, spamming your link everywhere.

But that's cheating isn't it? Yea it is, that's why there is logging in required and those annoying images with letters and numbers you have to re-write.


Google counts votes for pages by going on every link they find on a site and writes it in it's memory. BUT google memorizes all links except the one that have rel="nofollow" written in them. The link still works, but google won't count it as a vote, so now more and more blogs have rel="nofollow" added to every link in the comments. Sucks, doesn't it?

Well now it's clear that there's a big race for page ranks on the net, but how to make use of it, will be answered in the next part.

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WhiteCloud1989 said...

Great idea on the dofollow and the unique hit counter...
Now to get more traffic, you should add your rss to rss directories.
I have 22 "readers" but in fact, those are just directories.
It does look good though.