Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things to do in 2008!!

Well it seems I'm a very impulsive and moody person, I was too lazy to write anything here for the past two or three weeks, but now I'm posting three posts almost all at once hehe.

So since it's almost time to make the jump to the year 2008 (which is supposed to be a very good year for me according to the horoscope?), I'll write what i plan on doing.

Well i decided to focus on my personal life for a while, I'm gonna try to get fit, not that I'm a fat nerd hiding in a basement, but i could loose a few pounds.
Not that you care about my personal life lol.
I'm gonna limit myself to things that regard my net life:

**Get another blog started (probably about gaming (yeah I'm also a gamer...and a coder...and a net junkie (someone needs a life lol(wow thats a lot of brackets))))
**focus more on learning and developing new skills
**gain more publicity and cash
**post more posts :D
**get drunk on the next new year's eve as well haha (am i drunk now? who knows)

i especially look forward to the last one :D

see ya next year

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